We help our clients navigate digital disruption to deliver growth.


We’re a digital transformation business that seamlessly brings together strategy, technology, and digital marketing to create exceptional customer experiences, and deliver profound value for our clients.

Our footprint.

With over 300 people operating in 5 countries, we are the largest independent business of our kind in Asia Pacific.

Our capabilities.

At APD we help you navigate the ever-changing digital landscape to reach, acquire, engage and retain your customers.

Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Transformation planning and roadmaps
  • Channel strategy
  • Research
Customer Experience
  • Personas
  • Customer journey roadmaps
  • Service blueprinting
  • Customer experience design
  • Enabling marketing process with technology
  • Digital platform builds
  • Support and maintenance of digital IT environment
  • Partnerships with major s/w platform vendors
Digital Marketing
  • SEO & content creation and curation
  • Paid search & Media
  • Affiliate marketing
Customer Engagement
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media
  • Retention and lifecycle marketing
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Media analytics



Our work.

We are proud of how we have helped our clients transform their businesses, raise their profile, and drive profitable growth.



Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Fonterra – Anlene & Anmum

Fonterra – Anlene & Anmum



Client Partners.

As thought leaders in digital transformation, we share best practice across markets and industries to maximise potential for our clients.

Our people and culture.

We think great talent is infectious, so we are always on the lookout for new people and ideas. Whether you’re a strategic thinker, technical expert, performance pro or marketing magician, we’d love to hear from you to get involved.

What makes us tick.

For our team it’s not just about ‘the job’. Working together is about a collective pride and passion that we share for many things. We asked some of our people what makes them tick and their thoughts on digital transformation.

Inês Almeida

Chief Transformation Officer

I love to write Epic Fantasy fiction. In my stories, enhanced humans attempt to use magic for good, yet occasionally they unleash great darkness upon the world. Arthur C. Clarke once said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Technology is sorcery; it has tremendous potential for good. But to use it wisely we must rely on storytelling to guide our hand—actual tales from our past and fictional stories from those crazy enough to attempt to predict our future.

The case for change for businesses is crystal clear, and our unwillingness or inability to act will lead to a certain demise. Yet, we should be hopeful and enthusiastic about the possibilities. We can learn to spot the patterns that are working for other successful companies of all shapes and sizes, across a variety of categories and geos. There is a map to a thriving business, and all we must do is model and adapt it to our distinct stand because, as Simon Sinek explains, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

Andrew Burgess

Practice Leader - Technology

I have had a lifelong (started playing at 6 year old) passion for the sport of Basketball, it has it all, team work, individual contribution, fitness, skills specialisation, strategy plays, speed, luck and it all done in a short period so that I have time for all my other activities. It is also a great spectator sport. I had the great privilege of watching in person, LeBron James crush the opposition in a game between the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Motown (Detroit). Simply awe inspiring.

To be able to deliver the magic moments to client customers that is so seamless it just feels natural and delightful. The people, the planning, the design, the communication and the technology in true harmony delivering the stand out experiences and magic moments. Like an outstanding West End Musical where everything is designed, engineered, scripted and rehearsed, coming together precisely at the right moment to engage and move the audience.

Boon Keong Tng

Principal Consultant - Asia

I love anything with an internal combustion engine and 4 wheels. I’m a big petrolhead!

Digital services is one of the very few professional domains where long held traditional ways of working in Marketing and IT can be challenged and disregarded. I’ve always liked being in a position to challenge norms and perceived roles of authority. Its truly an open playing field where those who are open minded and hardworking get to reap the rewards.

Ashley McVey

Head of Strategy and Experience

I am an avid student of the world who counts Travel amongst his loves. Having run with the bulls, danced through Brazilian Carnival, taught English to Myanmese Refugees, walked the Inca Trail, learnt to cook from Sri Lankan villagers and seen the Northern Lights, I’m is always looking for the next adventure, though with two young kids they tend to be closer to home these days.

I work in digital transformation because I love leaving things better than before I found them. Today, this is done by solving customer and business problems and working with smart and passionate people to design solutions which become just a part of people’s lives. Driving change for the better in whatever size or shape is both exciting and challenging.


We are fortunate to have some of the most diverse and experienced people leading the charge in our business. From fresh, dynamic entrepreneurs, to established consultants and globally recognised digital experts.

Whether it is web CMS platforms, marketing analytics suites or social media management tools, we partner with and use the best technologies available.

Our blog.

Stay connected to be at the forefront of the digital future, to read client success stories and to discover how to transform your operation for the better.