Why it’s important:

The fastest runner on the planet doesn’t win any races if he’s running in the wrong direction. Your business is the same. Take assumption out of the equation by obtaining the best data available and turning it into business-changing, actionable insights.

Whether you’re doing SEO, SEM, display advertising or social media marketing, having a solid understanding of your digital presence can greatly affect how you reach, engage and convert your customers.

Data analytics fits into every area of your business, from digital strategy, website design and development to marketing channel performance. We embed analytics into all these processes to ensure that the outcomes are focussed on delivering business value.

What can we do to help?

1. Analytics Strategy

Where do you start? Let us help you turn your business strategy and technology infrastructure into clearly identified and reported metrics so you can be certain that you’re running in the right direction.

2. Analytics implementation

Start tracking how customers engage with you on your website, application and other marketing channels using the best in class analytics tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics. We use audit methods and well documented processes to ensure consistency in delivery.

3. Analysis & insights

Data is only as good as the insights and actions that you can obtain by processing and interpreting it. APD can offer managed services for generating regular reports and deep, informative analysis from your digital marketing or analytics platform.

4. Business Intelligence

Are you tired of looking at multiple different reports to understand how you’re performing? Let us help you combine your disparate data sets, merging them together into a single view using well established ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) processes or out of the box dashboard solutions.

5. CRO & Optimisation

Identify the struggles that stop your customers from completing actions online. Let us run analyses using tools such as IBM Tealeaf, Hotjar, Crazy Egg or Clicktale to find the intricate detail of your customers’ actions and where your application can be optimised. We can then formulate hypotheses to improve the customer experience and run A/B or multivariate testing using tools like Optimizely or Google Optimize.

6. Segmentation and audience development

As a digital marketing agency, our business is about reaching customers in the right place at the right time. We develop customer insights based on real world behaviours and data from multiple sources, and leverage these to develop highly targeted customer segments and audiences.

7. Data mining and extended analytics

Having a huge amount of data is great, but it’s more important that you know what to do with it. This is a major and expanding field, so let us help you explore solutions in data collection, ETL (extraction, transformation and loading), data models, big data and algorithmic data mining solutions.

8. Analytics training

Need to get your marketing team up to speed in your analytics platform so that they can self-serve? We can deliver analytics training, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other major key platforms.