Services to deliver digital growth

We’ve pioneered and delivered success stories for nearly 20 years. Our focus has always been on maximising the value of our clients’ customers, and helping them to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape to reach, acquire, convert, engage and retain their customers.

Our teams understand their local markets, they can help you thrive at home or expand into other markets. APD’s ethos is to deliver solutions, regardless of how complex, with transparency and accountability – simple.
Regardless of whether your target customers are a new Malay mother or a car-buyer anywhere in the world, we’ll deliver your growth across Asia Pacific.

Affiliate Marketing

APD has pioneered this performance based online channel for over 12 years, linking advertisers to our premium network of affiliates (website publishers) facilitated by our innovative technology and communication tools. Website publishers effectively act as sales people for our advertisers. They promote your brand and send traffic via links to your site on the basis that any sales generated from this traffic will earn them an agreed commission. This pay-for-performance reward model, paid on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA), is both measurable and effective to market to, and acquire, customers.

  • Managed Services
  • Publisher Engagement & Expansion
  • Full Suite of Creative & Affiliate Tools for Media Partners
  • Tracking Platform, Campaign & Publisher Performance Insights
  • Access APD's Annual Affiliate Industry Benchmarking Survey
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Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system is a rich single source environment where you can store your data, analyse your customer behaviour and segment your data for effective communications. Our technology experts can help you identify the right CRM environment that meets your business needs. We can also help you with integration to your other assets such as your website and eCommerce platform so that all your data flows into one single source of customer truth. Once we have achieved that it becomes easy to integrate into our email platform, SmartMail Pro for timely delivery of communication to your customers. We can help you develop strategies for acquiring new customers and then massaging and nurturing the relationship.

  • CRM Strategies & Solutions
  • Full Integrations with Websites, eCommerce Platforms
  • Email Integrations & Automations Including with SmartMail Pro
  • Social CRM & Loyalty Programs

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Get the most out of your website and campaigns by putting the data back into them. By measuring, tweaking and re-measuring your digital assets we improve results, without relying on assumptions or emotions. Our proven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) methodologies convert users into customers. Seemingly small changes can have a big impact on your revenue, reduce your CPA while increasing user satisfaction and loyalty. It might be via tweaking copy, layout, buttons, calls-to-action, subject lines – any element of your site, landing page or emails that can be tested against your desired outcomes.

  • Multivariate & Split A/B Testing
  • Copywriting, Design & Testing Execution
  • Website & eCommerce Optimisations
  • Optimisation of eDMs, Campaigns & Landing Pages

Data & Insights

Data is the foundation of future marketing success. We have access to so much of it that making sense of it is challenging. Data is often accessed from siloed systems that don’t interact and integrating these to gain the full picture can be arduous and expensive. APD Insight offers the expertise and tools to transform your marketing and eCommerce operations to be smarter and data-driven. We can work with you at any stage of your digital maturity, from Google analytics account structuring and set-up all the way through to building predictive analytics and marketing mix modelling. Our services extend to leveraging the best enterprise tools and solution providers to connect, store and visualise all your data in one place so you can gain the complete view.

  • Customer Profiling, Segmentation, Media Mix Modelling, Predictive Analytics  
  • Customised Reporting & Dashboard Solutions
  • GoodData, Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud Experts
  • Enterprise Tools to Connect All Your Data in One Place

Design & Usability

A blend of usability, beauty and functionality, driven by insights creates compelling, successful digital outcomes. A customer-centric design considers user preferences and where you want to steer them. Functionality and form are combined. Our specialists shape solutions to achieve a wide variety of business outcomes. The entire Customer Experience is examined. What we create is informed by strategy, user-testing and data, with users' devices in mind. Our designs are always crafted to compel the user and achieve the desired customer experience objectives.

  • Customer Experience & UX Design
  • Conversion Centered Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Apps & Games
  • Social Media & Campaign Ideation & Assets

Development & Technology

Leverage technologies for stronger customer experiences and a competitive advantage. Better platforms mean better engagement, conversions and retention. Clever use of technologies requires strong leadership and vision to drive change. Our team of experts are specialists in their fields: we invest in them and their tools. In our 19-year history we have built an extensive portfolio of everything from large scale, custom web-based applications to social media interactive platforms. Our robust, enterprise solutions are executed with precision. We always build for scale, performance and longevity. Most importantly, they are geared for the best business outcomes.

  • Technical Audits & Consultation
  • Website Development
  • Sitecore, Adobe, Umbraco & Magento Specialists
  • Mobile Applications
  • Hosting, Customer Care, Full Managed Services

Digital Strategy

We mould business objectives, industry immersion and digital vision to forge a better road to growth for our clients. To prosper, you need a carefully considered strategy. We examine your business strategy, then find the best ways to solve your problems and kick your goals using digital. We help brands in the thinking behind everything from user journeys to expanding their international reach. Immersing ourselves in clients’ business and their customers’ desires, we shape data and insights into behaviour-changing initiatives. We lead our clients through the process of continual improvement for a stronger competitive edge.

  • End-to-end Digital Strategy
  • Customer Experience (CX) & User Experience Strategies
  • Competitor Analysis, Channel & Multichannel Strategy
  • Digital Innovation & Market Expansion
  • Email & SMS Communication Strategy & Planning

Display Advertising

Display media compels your prospects to take specific actions that are measurable and trackable. Our direct marketers and data experts will leverage performance display to reach your desired audience and minimise impression wastage. Via display, our clients reduce their cost-per-acquisition (CPA), increase conversions and complement other channels such as paid search and affiliate marketing. So that our clients receive strong results, we continually optimise and refine campaigns using variables including publisher type, publisher exchange, geographic location, creative unit, page placement and content. We have unique data sets to target specific audiences.

  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Real Time Bidding
  • Targeted Audience Buying

Email Marketing

We pioneered email marketing in 2000. Email remains a highly effective engagement and performance marketing medium. We start by considering your marketing objectives and other communications channels. We recommend data solutions and communications strategies to acquire new customers; harness the value of your existing customers through their marketing lifecycle, increase levels of engagement and manage churn. Highly experienced technologists, strategists, creatives and campaign managers work together towards delivering results. We closely monitor performance of your campaigns and recommend optimisation tactics to enhance results. For more information on our email platform, see SmartMail Pro.

  • Customer Lifecycle & Journey Planning & Strategies
  • Email Communications Strategy & Calendar Planning
  • Performance Optimisation: Multivariate & A/B Spilt Testing
  • Data Strategy & Segmentation
  • Content & Design

Lead Generation

According to the IAB (UK), "Online lead generation is one of the most cost effective and measurable ways to acquire new customers”. Online lead generation builds and helps convert an engaged database via collecting details of customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product or service. Whatever the objectives of your campaign is – from customer sign-ups, brochure requests, sampling, appointment requests – we can help you. In the last 10-plus years APD has run successful campaigns for everyone from major retailers and supermarkets to banks and universities – at times delivering over 70,000 leads per campaign.

  • Extensive Network of Email Subscribers & Affiliates
  • Negotiable Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) & Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Customisable Data Capture Forms & Hosting
  • Landing Pages, Testing & Optimisation
  • Control Your Leads, Reduce Your Acquisition Costs

Market Research

Accurate, data-driven consumer insights should drive and support business decisions. This means market research is a crucial part of the customer acquisition process and the customer lifecycle. We provide meaningful data that can be actioned into real-life outcomes including better sales, engagement and growth. For the last 15 years, APD has built a robust panel specifically for research – an engaged and representative database. At the core of everything that we do, we help clients understand the strength of their brand, their position in the market, and how to maximise opportunities.

  • Full-Service Market Research Capabilities
  • Survey Design, Methodology, Sample Supply & Analytics
  • Large & Responsive Research-Only Panel with Granular Profiling
  • Projects Capabilities: Brand Health, Advertising & Media Effectiveness, Concept/Usability Testing
  • Extensive Mobile Capabilities


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising enables advertisers to connect with customers in a highly controlled environment where a cost-per-click auction-based model rewards advertisers with highly targeted traffic for those who use the most relevant target keywords and creative. At APD, our experienced production and account management team, combined with our sophisticated tracking, bid management technology and analytics that takes our clients' search campaigns to the next level. The implementation team is Google Adwords and Analytics certified and works with brands to implement goals to deliver better performance metrics.

  • Campaign Optimisation Including Multivariate Testing
  • Extensive Search Channels Expertise: Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook & Google Display Network
  • Extensive Capabilities with PPC Platforms: Kenshoo, Marin, Omniture
  • Tracking, Reporting & Bid Management

Search Engine Optimisation

For strong business results you must drive the right kind of traffic to your websites. APD optimises assets from an on-site (pull) perspective – attracting visitors and links – and an off-site (push) approach – seeding valuable content to high-value relevant sites. We optimise and improve your presence and metrics from a technical and user-experience perspective. There’s no cookie cutter approach: we tailor our SEO strategies according to clients’ industries, business models, USP, health of the site and its authority relative to its competitors. With extensive experience across all verticals, APD’s search services are transparent, long-term and deliver return on investment.

  • Strategy & Analysis, Competitor Benchmarking
  • Content Marketing & Seeding
  • Onsite & Mobile Optimisation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Link Building & Link Management

Social Media Marketing

Strategically-led social media marketing, when done properly, builds brand value through engaging, relevant and enjoyable digital experiences. It must be targeted, strategic and tied to business objectives that are measurable. Social media is an opportunity to have a dialog with your customers, it is only via shareable and remarkable content that you can ‘earn’ your reach. We can help you design campaigns and content that spreads and adds value. For clients we develop reporting and insights to help lead and continually strengthen their social media presence and returns.

  • Holistic Social Strategy & Channel Planning
  • Community Building & Management
  • Content Planning, Creation & Seeding
  • Paid Ads, Social CRM & Commerce Strategies
  • Campaigns, Apps & Competitions
  • Reporting & Social Listening

SmartMail Pro 

SmartMail Pro is APD’s proprietary platform for email and SMS communications. It is flexible, feature-rich and cloud-based, built specifically to help regional marketers engage their customers.  Via SMP we send over 50 million emails per month for clients globally, powering everything from complex multinational campaigns to niche eNewsletters.

Integrate it with our business intelligence platform or your CRM system to get a single, accurate customer insight. With the ability to create multiple templates and target segments it is easy to deliver dynamic content for smarter, personalised communications with real business outcomes.

  • Easy-To-Manage Data & Templates for Email & SMS Communications
  • Triggered SMS & Email Development & Send
  • Full-Performance Reporting & Integrated Dashboard
  • Preference Centre, Subscriptions, Forms & Surveys
  • Integrate it With Your CRM System
  • Self-Service Platform or Full Managed Services

Short Message Service

When each second counts, count on our bulk and campaign text messaging. A key element in digital marketing is matching customer needs and preference with the right channel, at the right time with the right message.

Often time-critical messages and interactions are most suited to SMS or text messaging. Appointment reminders, time sensitive offers and mobile relevant messages can all benefit via the text or SMS channel. We provide various services to not only guide the delivery of your message but also enrich interactions via automated connection to databases and other marketing campaigns.

  • Bulk SMS for Cost-Effective, Large Volume Needs
  • Converting an SMS to Email Sent to a Specific Email Address
  • Adding Emails to Subscriber Lists for Future Campaigns & Email or SMS Confirmation
  • SMS Triggers

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