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APD’s Best of the Next – Innovation and Digital Disruption

By May 30, 2018 No Comments

“My two-year-old daughter will probably never own a car”, was one of several significant quotes from APD CEO Scott Player, addressing just one of the ways in which 5G and greater connectivity will impact our daily lives. Identity, privacy, and AI were other hot topics discussed at  APD’s ‘Best of the Next’ events, held this week at Sydney’s waterfront location Simmer on the Bay and Melbourne’s exciting Mercedes Me space.

APD along with partners IBM and Australia Post welcomed industry leaders and clients to enjoy talks on innovation in the face of digital disruption, what businesses can do to capitalise on these new digital trends.

Opening both evenings was a warm welcome from our inspirational chairman, Roger Sharp who explained the importance of being prepared to welcome new technologies and his experience in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

APD's best of the next

Roger Sharp, APD’s Chairman introducing ‘Best of the Next’

Our Chief Transformation Officer, Inês Almeida took to the floor to give a compelling overview of some of the trends discussed at South by Southwest.  She talked about how technology is becoming invisible as humans interact with digital assistants in their own terms.

Inês then went on to give an insight into how businesses can gain a competitive advantage by adopting a vertical AI strategy. “What questions can your business answer that no one can?”, she asked. She mentioned that when all brands are connected to digital assistants, Google, Alexa and others will shift from task to goal orientation; they will help plan a wedding instead of just setting a reminder.

Scott inspired the audience with his talk on 5G and the impact it is going to have on the connectivity of things and our daily lives with its arrival in Australia by 2022. Key takeaways included the possibilities that 5G will bring, the relevancy of Wi-Fi and data capture, mixed reality opportunities and more connected objects.

Inês, a Blockchain enthusiast, then went on to speak about the implications this technology might have on the future of privacy, identity, and advertising. She finalised the keynote asking businesses to place customer experience at the centre of their strategy, and trust at the centre of their customer experience.

APD's best of the next

Inês Almeida, APD’s Chief Transformation Officer sharing her knowledge on the latest trends in tech.

Concluding the fascinating talks were Australia Post’s Tung Nguyen and Cameron Gough who presented their latest innovation around Digital ID and rethinking identity to offer a secure digital alternative to managing personal information.

It was then time to break off and allow our guests to have one-on-one conversations with our industry experts on the topics covered at ‘Best of the Next’. Whilst, of course, quenching their thirst with a drink or two from the bar, and refuelling on delicious canapes.

All in all, it was a successful two-night event where some of the best in the business came together to discuss key innovation themes. APD, IBM, and Australia Post would like to thank everyone who came to the events in Sydney and Melbourne for making it a great evening.