A growing global partnership, delivering digital support to the world’s #1 direct selling company.

Consolidating, streamlining and optimising Amway’s sprawling global network of digital assets.

Founded in 1959, Amway is the world’s largest direct selling company – operating in over 100 countries. To best serve their sales teams, Amway has developed a large number of digital assets spread across web, social, video and mobile platforms.
APD is currently working with Amway to transform and innovate these assets. Through auditing, optimisation and standardisation; we are helping Amway gain better visibility of their assets and maximise their business value.

Improving the experience for Amway’s sales network.

Amway’s e-Commerce portal is a key touchpoint with its network of sales people, known as Amway Business Owners (ABOs). It enables self-service for product learning, ordering and reports. However, its UX design was not optimal.
Our first project was with Amway Malaysia, to revamp the portal’s UX for over 200 pages. The project spanned a total of 6 months. APD conducted a series of Usability & UX workshops with multiple Amway stakeholders across multiple regions, and we created 3 ABO personas to develop the UX flows and scenarios to  come up with a simple and optimised experience that gave ABOs quick, clear paths to all portal functionalities.

From local to regional.

We have continued to expand our partnership with Amway – offering expertise in strategy, UI/UX, social media, technology and design on projects across Asia Pacific.


Social Media Transformation
We worked with Amway to audit and redefine over 60 social assets across 10 APAC countries. Built independently by local offices over many years, these assets at times lacked shared vision, diffusing their effectiveness.
Our best-practice auditing evaluated a range of social media properties across millions of datapoints. This ultimately allowed us to develop a blueprint for social media best-practice across the region.
Simultaneously, we have consolidated all analytics into live online dashboards as part of a rebuilt approach to reporting. This future-proofs Amway’s social media operations against a rapidly changing social media environment.

Supporting education and e-Learning design.

APD also assists Amway in refining its internal communication materials. We have helped turn Amway’s ABO upskilling educational content into engaging slideshow-style modules that deliver information in approachable, graphical, easily digestible formats.
Over 12 months, we have brought to life over 32 learning modules that simplify and optimise the learning experience for ABOs.

A growing partnership.

Our relationship with Amway is new, and one that continues to grow. We are now working on multiple projects involving content engagement, market research, application development and ongoing social review.
As these projects complete, we will be able to provide more updates on them. Watch this space!
Social Media and Strategy
  • Comprehensive Regional Social Media Auditing
  • Best Practice Channel Roadmaps and Regional Ecosystem Blueprints
  • Global Strategy: Governance and SLA Playbook Development
UX, UI, Content and Strategy
  • Native and Web APP Development
  • Information Architecture Development
  • Content Migration Strategy
Technology and eCommerce
  • B2B Portals: UI and UX Re-design
  • Hybris Platform
  • Kony Visualiser Front-end APP Development
Content and Design
  • eLearning Module Design
  • Content Development