Building meaningful relationships with women in Asia.

From social to a complete ecosystem.

Around the world, Fonterra is synonymous with dairy nutrition with brands such as Anmum (nutritional milk products for mothers and their young children) and Anlene (adult milk products). APD’s journey with Fonterra started in 2012 when we were appointed to manage the Anmum Club Malaysia Facebook page. We worked with the team at Fonterra to come up with a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrated into their CRM program. The strategy translated into an increase in market share in the following financial year. We are, today, Fonterra’s social, CRM and digital agency for both Anmum and Anlene in Malaysia as well as Singapore and Indonesia.

Getting Anmum and Anlene into Malaysian homes.

APD designed a comprehensive social sampling system to drive trials of the multiple products under the Anmum and Anlene brand umbrella. This is supported by a targeted, ‘always-on’ digital media strategy to ensure we capture new prospects in the category. For Anmum, the sampling program correlates with mothers’ various life-stages and in-line with the typical customer cycle for Anmum’s system of products. Mothers could share a sample with their friends, thus leveraging the power of referrals. In its first year, the program delivered over 10,000 samples to prospective consumers. This resulted in a high conversion rate: 30% of participants in the trial went on to become a purchasing customer. The program also reduced the cost-per-lead by 40x compared to Anmum’s traditional lead generation activities. Since then, the program has grown by 62% and continues to grow.

Creating a CRM magnet.

APD has created a CRM ecosystem roadmap for Fonterra which covers channels such as social media, web, direct marketing, mobile and call centres. This includes the overarching CRM strategy and blueprint, as well as developing the role of each individual channel in supporting that strategy to convert consumers at the various touch points.

Nourishing data and insights.

The data and insights generated through the CRM program helped us better understand Fonterra’s customers, and potential customers, so that we could market to them more effectively. As a result, the members of the Anmum CRM program were retained 26% more than non-members. Members also consumed 32% more of Anmum milk products.

Creating memorable experiences online.

Fonterra’s CRM program is supported by engagement campaigns that continuously educate customers about their products including via social media. Rather than being purely promotional, the experiences also focus on educating consumers about associated issues such as bone health and maternal care in order to drive meaningful conversations with them.

“It’s always a great experience working with APD. This is because the team is very committed and passionate about our business. They go the extra mile to deliver high quality work and most importantly, as a client, we felt understood."

Ng Sheue YeaCRM & Insights Manager Anmum Fonterra

Anmum parent search tool to answer the ‘Why?’s.

While kids everywhere always (and usually often) ask ‘why?’, most parents won’t always have the answer handy. After interviewing Malaysian mothers, we found that even the most popular search tool, Google, doesn’t always have the best answers. Despite its power, parents struggle to find easy-to-understand and accurate answers to ‘why’ via Google because they have to wade through overly scientific, non-kid friendly results or ads.
To solve this problem, and to encourage parents to uptake a trial of Anmum Essential, APD built a custom search engine that indexed 150-plus credible and kid-friendly sites. This made ‘why’ questions quick and easy to answer on any device.

The tool featured:

  • Custom Google Search engine, indexing 150-plus curated
  • Ability to store up to 10 previous searches
  • Social media sampling and database functionality
  • Dynamic teaching tips for parents, based on search keywords

The results:

  • More than 15,000 answers delivered to curious kids
  • The sampling function on the search engine led to sales totalling almost RM500,000
  • Top searches and keywords were then used to drive both social media content and SEM strategies

Anlene ‘Stretch Your Limits’ campaign: the concept.

To launch Anlene Malaysia’s Facebook page, APD created a content strategy orientated around encouraging Malaysians to “Stretch Their Limits”. This was inspired by the insight that the average urban professional takes less than 5,600 steps per day. The program aimed at getting young, working Malaysians away from a sedentary lifestyle and to get them moving. This would also benefit their bone health. We wanted to get people thinking about bone health – not something that most people think about every day. The branded content showed how small daily activities, paired with the right nutrition, can have significant results.

The campaign featured:

  • ‘Everyday movement ideas’ aka inspiration and tips about daily activities were shared via social media channels, geared to demonstrate how exercise could easily fit into a working Malaysian’s busy day.
  • The involvement of two Malaysian celebrities complemented the content. They had been living a sedentary lifestyle and wanted to try to move more. The process of conditioning the celebrities to climb Southeast Asia’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, was created into an emotional documentary of their journey.
  • APD documented their entire journey and shared videos with Anlene’s growing Facebook community as the weeks progressed.

The impact of the campaign:

  • The campaign reached over 260,000 Malaysians.
  • The daily activity tips were shared 22X more than Anlene’s closest competitor’s content.
  • The video content was viewed more than 390,000 times.
  • We proved that two average Malaysians, taking small steps, can achieve big results.
  • As a result we inspired and created a highly engaged user-base that the brand could continue to interact with.