100 markets in 12 languages: a digital partnership driving international growth.

APD has partnered with Ford and its associated business arms at a market, regional and global level for over eleven years. We are now their technology partner in Asia Pacific, Africa, Mexico, South America and for Ford Emerging Markets Services. This model has created efficiencies, reliability and savings to the Ford business.

Over 11 years of partnership.

As far as international brands go, you don’t get much more global than the Ford Motor Company. Ford is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of automobiles across six continents. Their digital needs are extensive and differ immensely across markets, with many variables from language to product range to varying levels of digital maturity.

From local to global.

The relationship started back in 2003 when APD began to build Ford’s digital presence in India, followed by Australia and then South Africa. Our flexible and fast moving team now produces Ford’s consumer-facing digital assets across many regions. Our dedicated Ford team are an efficient, flexible and scalable technology partner that can support the Ford business growth model in any country or region.

Building one voice, one experience.

APD is relied upon to deliver innovative and flexible user experiences for Ford. For 11 years, APD has been enabling Ford’s Digital Marketing capabilities in Asia and the rest of the world. Through innovative platform solutions, service integrations and highly scalable marketing operations process, APD has enabled Ford to communicate with one voice, one user experience in the right language to their customers in one hundred countries.

International advancement.

We have now implemented Dragonfly in 100 markets across Ford Asia Pacific, Ford South American Operations and Ford Emerging Market Services. It serves content in 12 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Each instance requires large volumes of data integration and migration in which real-time accuracy is crucial. Engaging APD as the trusted technology partner across multiple markets has created incredible efficiencies and reduced costs for Ford while providing a quicker turnaround time with a high level of reliability.

We partner globally to implement locally.

We provide recommendations for, and facilitate, Ford’s digital technology needs by partnering with Ford’s head office in Detroit and relevant regional offices. An optimal user experience caters for the specific needs of the user, which is in part influenced by the users’ location. Our experience has taught us to think ahead to anticipate local differences. It may be considerations to accommodate languages, such as Arabic, where text is read right-to-left. Or it might be allowing for parts of Africa where collecting addresses or postcodes is not yet common practice by the dealers. Through customer-centric design we are able to facilitate the company’s global vision in the way that best speaks to its local consumers.

Collaboration is king.

A key business challenge for Ford has been to ensure its web presence is in line with both its core processes and marketing activities. Through a close working relationship with many divisions within Ford, we ensure different perspectives of various stakeholders can be aligned. We integrate fully with client and agency teams to incept, support and deliver dynamic technology solutions for marketing and business challenges. Our processes flesh out the best solutions that consider channel consistency, operational efficiency and higher rates of customer acquisition and retention.

Sophisticated lead and customer communications.

Ford dealers in the emerging market markets of Central and South America, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa leverage our email marketing software and services for sales promotions, lead management and customer communications. Using the singular communications platform – APD’s proprietary SmartMailPro – allows communications to be more streamlined and consistent across these markets, creating efficiencies and scale. The data that has been extracted via this software, has created more sophisticated targeting, allowing for local nuances, in a way that is also easily accessible to local dealers.

Connecting digital into the customer experience.

While we work with Ford to develop a superior customer experience online, APD has also experimented with other types of experiences.
In 2014, we explored a revolutionary way of interacting with consumers via a different channel: the virtual world. We developed an immersive experience, where users could don an Oculus Rift headset to explore a Ford vehicle within a virtual landscape. They could walk around and view the life-like vehicle from all angles. This gives Ford the ability to launch new models via ‘virtual’ tours at showcase events. If combined with apps that can collect customer data for input into a CRM, this becomes a powerful marketing tool.
Solution Architecture
Frontend and backend development, user experience design, reporting, analytics.
Dealer tools and training apps.
Lead forms, CRM integration, conversion optimisation, technical support and data capture.
With Ford and partners’ services, tools and systems.