Partnering to achieve digital transformation for Malaysia’s leading telco, Maxis.

Building a digital ecosystem for Malaysia’s leading telecommunication provider.

Maxis is the leading communications service provider in Malaysia, enabling both individual and business customers to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere and from any device. The company is passionate about what they do, and they are committed to providing an unmatched experience to their customers. Their pre-paid brand, Hotlink, is equally driven to deliver money-can’t-buy experiences for those who love to live life ‘loud’.  APD has been in partnership with Maxis since 2012, delivering best-practice digital assets and campaigns that help to acquire, retain and engage customers. As Maxis’ digital partner, APD has been responsible for creating seamless customer experiences between their web, mobile, eCommerce, social media and in-store digital touch-points, managed across their diverse technology stack.

APD is responsible for crafting the Maxis brand and product communication online, ideas which can extend into traditional advertising. Some examples include:

Maxis Merdeka – celebrating Malaysia’s National Day.

On Malaysia’s National Day, one of the ‘noisiest’ periods of the year, Maxis wanted to deepen their relationship with their customers. On YouTube, Malaysian brands compete with international videos, which during other times of the year often rank higher than local ads. However, by focusing on localised cultural insights, we believed Maxis could create content that connected on a deeper, more personal level than an international brand ever could. For this campaign we decided to leverage the insight that Malaysians commonly refer to strangers by family names such as ‘uncle’ and ‘brother’. Using more than 40 words across 7 languages and dialects found in the country, the campaign ‘It’s OK, we’re family’ celebrated this unique Malaysian convention to generate an inclusive, light-hearted sense of national pride.

The campaign featured:

  • 1:30 video and matching 30 second TV edit
  • Merdeka landing page on the Maxis site
  • Printed card set delivered to high value customers
  • Family characters shared on social media channels
  • Video banners on the home page, depicting strangers coming together

What was achieved:

  • The online video received more than 1.1 million views
  • The video was shared more than 29,000 times, reaching 1.5 million Malaysians in 135 countries
  • The video was ranked #1 in the ‘Most Popular YouTube Ad’ by YouTube for Q3, 2014
    Earned RM 750,000 value in PR coverage
  • Rated by Malaysia’s most read news outlet, The Star, as one of the ‘Top 5 Most Memorable Merdeka Ads of All Time’.
  • Gained a response by the Malaysian embassy’s in Prague & students in Japan to be used as a representative of Malaysian culture

Social velocity achieved.

The Merdeka campaign did well across social media channels.  It is important to note that across social media platfroms, while brands can buy reach, users will only share if they feel it is worthy to distribute across their networks – amplifying the brand. Whatever the volume of users that consume your content, its sharability, or ‘social velocity’, is what will help it spread.  This is the rate at which content is being shared against the rate it is being consumed. For video content, you can measure it as total shares divided by total views. This is a powerful formula to measure the effectiveness of content and a clever way to discern between the paid vs. organic success of the competition. The Merdeka video was on average shared every 41 views – topping the other videos that made the Top YouTube Ads (Malaysia) for that quarter (on average they were only shared once in every 700 views). We use the rates at which videos are shared and the ratio of dislikes to likes to gauge social sentiment prior to Maxis’ airing its television spots.

Selling Hotlink mobile internet passes.

With 130% phone penetration and many Malaysians moving to smarter phones, the future of telecommunications is capturing data usage. The telco market is heating up in Malaysia, with many new providers offering competitive mobile internet rates. APD was briefed to provide an experience around purchasing a Hotlink Mobile Internet pass,that competitors could not replicate. Inspired by the classic game Battleship, ‘Pin-It-To-Win-It’ gave users who purchased MI passes clues to places in Malaysia that they had to pin. They closest pins won Hotlink exclusive experiences such as a trip to Facebook campus.

The campaign featured:

  • Custom Google Map, able to capture different types of pins
  • Connection with Hotlink ISD servers
  • Responsive design
  • Extensive social media content

What was achieved:

  • More than 3.3 million MI passes were purchased
  • 96% growth in revenue for monthly 2GB passes
  • 38% growth in revenue for weekly passes
  • Over 51,000 pins dropped and 3,900-plus social media shares
  • 80% mobile participation

“We truly appreciate the contribution from the APD team, in particular with their proactive approach, strategic advice and ability to respond quickly. This is a quality which is so necessary in today’s digital world.”

Cheong Mei FoongHead Of Brand Maxis

Strategy-led executions, a fruitful partnership.

As well as campaigns, APD applies strategic thinking across the board. This includes pairing customer research with our user experience methodology and tool-kit to design optimal experiences, combined with customer-centric design to craft world-class interfaces. In a continual state of testing and optimisation, APD uses Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques across Maxis web assets to increase the sites ROI and
inform design changes. With a dedicated team that communicates and manages the many stakeholders involved in the many projects that run concurrently, APD maintain a strong working relationship with this large organisation. It is through this close-knit working relationship that great work is able to flourish and will continue as there are many campaigns and projects in the works for the rest of the year.